01 – Interview with Moshe Gorin, Libertarian

Today, I was at the LibertyCon 2017 in Prague and Moshe Gorin found some time to explain the idea behind the Liberty Movement and talks about his ideas to create a better society.

You can contact Moshe by mail or on Facebook or via the Website Students for Liberty Israel.

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[0:26] I’m at the lever to come on two thousand seventeen and park and with me as mush ago and nice to have you here.

[0:35] To be here thank you.

[0:37] I’m very glad that you find some time and talk to me.
So can you explain your motivation to come to park to that lab coat.

[0:48] I started to get interested in the liberty movement around six months ago is i’m in my first year of university so when i just said that there was such a group that,
is trying to make libertarian ideas,
and go forward and to spread projects that will actually do something for liberty insider countries i really was very excited that such a thing existed and i joined,
and the little time afterwards the person that was in charge of the group in my university since she’s finishing her studies so she decided to give me a position in the group and.
I you even though i don’t have that much experience in the field yet base with decided to come here in order to be able to get to know that woman better and get ideas and.
We get to know the whole workings of their decision.

[1:41] What’s the idea behind the lever to movement.

[1:44] Basically it’s trying to give as much control over your own life to the individual to not be reliant on government giving you permission.
To run your life the way that you choose italy as long as of course respect liberty of others.

[2:03] So is it kind of related to and a cousin.

[2:07] There is such a thing called an article capitalism that is the people that are on the extreme side of the spectrum libertarian movement but there is a whole range of people within it the people that believe in a small government for example there are called me to kiss they want the,
the state to basically have only control over the army the police and basically that safety and welfare and such subjects,
and of course there’s many philosophies within the deliver ten movement and a lot of discussions on specific topics and it’s a very wide range of opinions.

[2:40] What’s your own personal motivation in the liberty movement what do you stand for.

[2:46] I come from feel that is much less economic or business as many people here are i come from the social sciences because i see people as having worth as individuals and therefore,
i was living social work and the thing is that says that have that belief i want to help people get ahead and get the tools to be able to,
express their their wills and their desires and be able to achieve their goals and the best way possible and i believe the best way to do it is to give them that autonomy over their own lives in their own fate,
and not be dependent on the government to give them or give them what should be there is it getting so what your question is basically what do i do with that my activity nowadays is mostly arranging talks about subjects are close to my heart is it the.
Changing the world will her policies is talking to politicians are involved in to all kinds of steps of the governments that will either have a good or bad effect on personal liberties of people,
and we have made some changes not specifically my group but the wire liberty movement in israel has been able to make for example,
the offense of possessing kind of is not your criminal offense anymore,
i will be more exact it still is a criminal offense but now only if you get caught four times which before you could have been on the first time and a lot of people are going to jail for.
Having a plan for the position which is against any idea of having a personal control over your own body and your decision what to do with it.

[4:16] So and so the liberty movement has actually achieved.
Inside is all the things that make libertarian is since we don’t belong to any political party there’s the libertarian party in the united states but there’s a lot of people who are libertarians that,
i don’t belong to a party so we can join forces with people according to subject are close to our hearts regardless of where the are the political spectrum and that’s what’s the beauty about it,
i have friends on the writing on blast and they have common goals with many of them and a lot of subjects.

[4:45] So you are i’m political but you work with the politicians.

[4:49] Yeah that depends what your goals are and what you’re trying to achieve but did you have that touch with the political world and when we’re or another specially if you have specific goals and policies are trying to get a head.

[5:02] The movement itself like six years old.

[5:05] Search for everything guess you to run six or seven years old.
Each continent has there own branch and as a film the main the main part is in the washington dc,
we’re out of levy centralized but what as a fellow believers to give people the most autonomy they need and just to help them and whatever logistical or.
Information and all that stuff that they would need but do they really believe in having local leadership that is actually has your time to work and what is important for them i think that.
Especially since social media exists it has been much is your to basically reach people.
And basically show them that there’s a lot of things are wrong and the way that our governments are working and the way their political systems are working and a lot of people that it didn’t know that there was other options,
apart from the right and left wing pair them so a lot people are seeing that there’s other options out there and i think it may be the holdup of social media.
Open the the the gates to having new movements and things like this of all.

[6:10] Can you please describe your idea.

[6:12] Basically since i am right now entering the world of the social working all the things so i have a lot of love for non profit organizations that are doing things the around the terms of welfare.
As a libertarian i think that the will and the national well for system is very wasteful,
three on effective and basically a lot of the resources that could have got people that actually need them are not reaching them properly and it really hurts me to see that so.
As a libertarian what to do is that basically create and that’s of volunteers are either libertarians are people that just want to volunteer,
with physician’s that that act within the well for world but they are not part of the national system of welfare and miss lee work with them together in order to create.
Military even if it’s small to the national welfare system and i think that is something that i would really like to do it like to see it come up and.
And here is real.

[7:11] And what do i need for that.

[7:13] We need to get to know people that work with that non profit organizations get to know how to work with volunteers,
resources knowledge connection all that stuff and basically as a fellow something that really tries to help you know where to get all that because the people around the world in most fields of study,
and they try to help you with anything so you can be able to take your projects and actually fulfill them.

[7:38] Okay thank you very much for the time and am enjoy the conference and have a nice day.

[7:45] Yeah.

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