02 – Interview mit Tomáš Michálek – Maker

Tomáš Michálek is Co-Owner of “Open Innovation”, a 3D-Makerspace in the Paralelni Polis. An expert on 3D-Printing tells me all about the idea behind D.I.Y. and how to create a better society.

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[0:21] At the liberty contractor seventeen and ss next to me is too much delete this to meet you hi thanks for your time yours speaker here at liberty come what is the pouch.

[0:35] I have a presentation about three d printing about makers lol that’s free shipping laboratory located in but the police.
About you know having a senior discount and be able to manufacture anything you want on your desk.

[0:54] What do you make for yourself.

[0:57] I was serving some drones.
For a f tv racing you have goggles and your racing with others that have also goes and see what the drone sees and i need to mount,
like a camera on the drone so i need to design a custom.
Custom piece part that i would attach it the camera to the drone so that was one of the pieces that i was pretty i have a one year old get.
And i’m bringing toys for him.
So he’s still young i’m really excited once he starts you know creating his own designs it could be a very fun.

[1:37] Show this is the lieutenant idea about it’s to be able to produce the young stuff.

[1:44] Yourself it’s.

[1:47] Democratizing the manufacturing with the three d printers that’s an accessible to rule that you can use of you can manufacture whatever you want.
Are you free to your own designs for for low cost of material is not expensive the printer is affordable.

[2:05] And does things super and are reliable so for example if you print drones.

[2:10] Yes yes yes it depends how you design it and how you use it of course some parts can be print it because the the printer has some limitations.
And and send what they can it can produce.
For example of repeating parts for other printers like wheels and gears and they’re working.

[2:35] Some machines building machines.

[2:38] Kind of yes pieces parts not the whole machine but the shoes.

[2:43] What materials can you point.

[2:45] We’re bringing dama plastics mostly so it’s a plastic material that the.
There are two major types the reuse one is called pi la it’s politic acid and its material from corn created from cornstarch so it’s a biodegradable material.
Use it to pay rent is it to use order before printer and the second materials ats what’s the material that is made out of oil and that’s a little harder to to print out all.
Meets special environment that say and it’s.
It’s better for machine parts because it’s more durable get stronger.

[3:33] You say you can make your own parts it changes the way you repair other things so you don’t need to order spare parts you just print them yourselves.

[3:46] Right that’s it that’s great use case thank you that’s one of these cases that makes a lot of sense if you want to create something for example that something broke.
Are you on your device on your machine at home or your vacuum cleaner for example.
That you can print the replacement yourself at home you don’t have to go to store buy it sometimes.
Sometimes you even cannot by the replacement you have to buy the whole vacuum cleaner.
Alright so this is kinda good can you can you can create the replacement yourself and a lot of,
people are starting to use it this way it’s not there yet i think in the future we can have databases of replacement parts of you which is.
Pick your product download the prologue the the park and played yourself but.
You will it takes time to create these things the content for three different.

[4:45] Yeah i think you use special software for that is it hard to learn.

[4:48] Yes it takes time it i’m compare three-d printer to to computer.
Like a dispensary printer desktop computer it’s it’s a platform.
And you have on computers there are programmers that are creating the content that users are using.
It is running on computer for three printing it’s the three d designers that are creating the content and not everyone’s gonna be a three d designer like i’m mean it’s the same like not everyone is a programmer.
Pretty much the same thing but the designers will create.
Environment where for example on the wet you’re gonna have to treat him or what you’re gonna be able to customize it to tweak different things,
you gonna get will be able to do with all the signs scale and so on so you’re gonna be.
Able to partly shape the the thing that you want to create but.
Most of the people out there will not be able to design their own thick because they don’t know how to use the software and there’s quite a steep learning curve to do it today maybe it’s gonna get easier there are things like.
Projects like theater can’t that’s.
That’s a site where you go it’s online to put it in your browser and you have a three d modeling environment that’s how we,
the tickets three d model so you don’t have to install anything is running a direct in your chrome browser.

[6:21] And today you can design your own please we had a workshop with getting the in the morning they were designing their toys are in the afternoon they were printing them and,
coming home to two very ovarian ca this is what i created for you that’s so it was really for me the way the kits are there in this technologies it’s amazing.

[6:42] So fucked for for example i can imagine companies like partial siemens or whatever or philips they.
Give you are on that platform and instead of ordering despair purchase just click it may be we size it or whatever modify it and you go put pointed at home.

[7:00] Right for example lego is one of the companies that is already looking into three d printing i think what because it changes the way because you’re digitizing things and we can share things over internet.
You have a three different at home and i have one at home i can send you the please that caught the lamp that whatever you want to rent.
On line through email so we are starting to send things over internet and then you can materialize so it digitizing the way.
You’re did stating that the distribution of of physical things because you can.
You can manufactured locally at your home or in in a service street cleaning service near you for example eventually it’s going to be the start replicator so it’s it’s heading there.

[7:55] Is there a part three the purchase can take with me wanting a better ways.

[7:59] Yeah i’ve seen some three papers that you need a cell phone and.

[8:06] But with the cell phone as small and small device you can create like a three fucking three d printer but it’s just more or the toilet then a real machine that you would use but.
I’ve seen people dreams project like this to make it really portable making small usually the things that you need to create are bigger so small printer will.
Give you opportunity to manufacture small pieces small frames.

[8:34] You are pulled over the police what’s yo role in there i don’t think you just want for yourself you have a bigger vision you have an idea.

[8:44] Right yes we are in but the police and where in the.
In a ground floor in the basement actually where we have a three d printing farm.
So we have many three pointers and we’re offering three d printing services people come to us before companies come to us and,
the printer three bottles and we are material icing them for for them.
Sometimes we’re working with also designers artists,
they come to us sometimes they that idea that they can draw on a paper and we three d model and then three d printed for them to your eyes it for that we were awesome green thumbs three d scanning that they were sc.
They had a sculpture done by hand and we were able to digitize it and then replicated and make it smaller for a small red pick us of their work.
And things like that so there’s many many things so one of them one part of maker stop what we’re doing is doing a three d printing services.
The second part is we bring a lot of education.
Teaching people how to use three d printers how to three d model how to use.
How to print designs a need from materials they need and so on so.
I think there’s a lot of education that’s needed right now because people have different different ideas the reading newspaper just different things.

[10:19] And they need to see what the reality what’s the like.
What can be done today because there’s a lot of things that will be may be possible in the future but it’s not there yet technologies still very young.
For example the number of materials you can print out of is still very very limited comparing to traditional manufacturing your creep you manufacturing directly from computer model model two.
To your three d three dimensional object so you don’t need any other tools malls or anything so if you.
The best economically if you ask me like what’s the best thing to manufacture it would be one of series or customize things that are each each thing is different than it makes a lot of sense to create with retrieving it doesn’t make sense.
Hundred ps of thousands of the same pieces because then creating a mold and then molding them would be less expensive than renting them.
So there is only a certain amount of dicks that you you create on the three d printer.
The same object that makes sense economically.

[11:33] Do you wanna workshops do you have open days.

[11:37] Yes we have first we have three do meet ups that’s usually on mondays at six in port on you policymakers lap.
Open to the public to anyone anyone can come and we are creating a community of people that are interested in an additive manufacturing which is the printing.
And we have different topics different speakers so that’s every monday something on facebook you can check out what’s what’s going on.
And what’s the topic for work for the monday then we’re doing building workshops where you can build your own three d printer so you can assemble.
There’s one going on right now today it make this up people are building their your printer at the end of the the drink.
I love eddie vedder me printer home it’s cheaper than buying and assemble printer.
And where do we three d modeling workshops with are doing in robotics workshops because it’s.
How do you know it’s it’s like electronic device that can be used to to connect to different sensors and then.

[12:48] Many computers i o port.

[12:50] Yes yes yes input output communication so this with three d printing if you three point something it’s just a shell or a case but you can give it.
Get the logic using are doing all so that makes a lot of sense that’s why we started to.
To teach are doing all essences we teaching blender with remodeling it open source three d modeling software that you can freely download and start using social.
What is left of workshops going we wanna start with.
With workshops with drones where we want to teach people flying.
And also a family there on mini drones for a tv so that they can fly and see where it rather fly so that’s the next project that’s the plan for maybe for this fall already will see.
I forgot the third part of our business we are selling the printers also and materials and accessories for printers we’re cooperating closely with.
With the check design or three differences your use of push on.
And we are we are selling these printers their open source open hardware as well so we are very.
Hello al co school to open innovations and we are very open and what we do so we like the the idea of,
open source so that people can use it if they want it they can take it they can you know create their own version and try to to work with it so that something i like a lot.

[14:28] Lasted like two co founders and we invested our home savings into the venture into the business and now we are trying to make it work.
So far it’s it’s growing so it’s it’s getting better we already have some employees fl yet now it’s.
When we were alone just two of us it was easier that we have more people so we really have to work hard in order to make the money so that we have the money for that which isn’t so long so we’re start up basically and we are,
you but it was since two thousand and fifteen so it’s gonna be.
The best of three d printing is quite new the pastor of three d printing is a little older for thirty years old already.
It was only used in a certain industry sent it was not known by like two two people out there right.

[15:25] What’s the biggest parts you can print.

[15:28] There’s depends on your machine on your three d printer usually if we have to create a bigger part we can.
Dam in the computer and then put them like on five different printers and print them on on different pages and then put them together and for example glue them together.
In this sense there is no limits once we were printing a toothbrush for marketing campaign or a big heart.

[16:02] Your short just toothbrush like you want me to fifty high in the heart like six centimeters right now.

[16:09] Yes yes it does it was cut into pieces and can’t print it and then put together assembled together.

[16:18] What differences are there in three d printers.

[16:21] There is a concert printers and there is closed doors printers let’s say okay that’s i can do it later commercial protection.
Sometimes i can see the business model of that some of the commercial printers are that they are selling the printer and they are.
Giving the only certified materials and the people chips into the materials and you can not choose any material that you want so that’s disadvantage.
Sometimes the softer you get with a three d printer your.
With a commercial printer you can only use this particular software.
But with opens printers you can choose any any of the of the sort of person i mean now the slicer software that use for preparing data for three printing.
So that’s an advantage of open source that you can use any materials you can use any software that you can i upgrade the printer itself imagine.
Right now we are selling one of the printers and.
There is already an upgrade where you will be able to to print from four different material so for different colors if you don’t have to buy a new printer in order to do that you will just by and uhf great.
For this printer so you can you can last longer with this device.

[17:49] About the materials you said you can use also a b s materials box that cornstarch plastic as well is it possible to.

[18:02] Get some recycled materials as well.

[18:07] Yes.
Text me when you bring the thermoplastic materials that goes through a you have to heat it and a cereal and they change their properties once you heat them up to a certain level to a certain temperature they start.
There are twenty start to deteriorate so it is not easy to be.
To recycle the material create a new filament that you source material and print again and do it all over again because you will be heading up with no work wallet t prints.
So right now it’s not i’ve seen projects where people are trying to recycle and the ex route.
From what i see right now it just projects but no one is really doing that that if you have failed plant there is no service that would that we would send it to that they could use it to recycle it.
So not at the moment it might be recycled even though it could be.

[19:11] That’s i wish for the future that okay um if you forgot anything to talk about.

[19:18] Hello no i think we said everything.

[19:23] Thank you very much for your time to wash.

[19:25] Thank you for.

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